West Salisbury Depot
Closed October 7, 1983

West Salisbury Depot
B&O Trestle near West Salisbury
Donated by Meyersdale Historical Association 

Freight Station and Express Office
Donated by Meyersdale Historical Association

              It was back in 1871 that the Salisbury Railroad Company which later became the Baltimore Railroad
          Company, that was later sold to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, plotted land into lots. Some of the
          lots were sold and homes were constructed, but not much progress was made until 1876 when the
          railroad was completed.  Shortly after that date, 75 houses were built in the West Salisbury area.
          The first agent on record to be at the station was Michael Francis Riley, who had held the position
          for 52 years.  Mr. Riley was the son of James Riley, a native of Ireland who immigrated to the
          United States at the tender age of 17.  He had married the former Esther Kennedy.

               Their son Michael was born in Kittanning in 1859 and had attended public schools until he was 16.
          The next two years he was employed at the Allegheny Railroad Company. He then decided to enter
          St. Vincent College, near Latrobe, where he was graduated in 1879.  He began employment as a fireman
          at the Allegheny Railroad and in 1882 he moved to West Salisbury where he had been hired as the station
          agent for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company.

               William Riley, one of Mr. Riley's ten children, was for a long time his fathers able and efficient
          assistant, and upon his fathers retirement became the station agent.  William later was a clerk in the
          Somerset yard, serving the B&O.  Following in his fathers footsteps, William served  for 39 years before
          his retirement.

               Other agents included Pete Cook, Charles Sanders, Eber Cockley, W. F. Tedrow, Mr. Burnsworth,
          E. S. Barncord and Alvie Ravenscroft.  The late Mr. Ravenscroft, of Meyersdale, held the position for
          about 15 years, as he worked there from 1962 until 1967, when he was transferred to Meyersdale. In
          January 1973, he returned to West Salisbury and was employed as the agent until his death on
          June 23, 1983.  Cal Sipple, of Meyersdale RD 1 was secured as the agent for the last three months that
          the depot had remained open.

Michael Riley (with mustache)

Article from "Garrett County News"
July 1900

 Bill Riley, Bob Riley, Eugene Riley, Jim Riley, Riley Lichliter and Paul Riley

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