Salisbury Post Office founded on April 14, 1812
On April 14, 1812 Peter Welfley, was appointed as the first postmaster of Salisbury.  It is said, that according to an old account book, the postage rates ranged from 5 1/2 cents to $1.26.  He served as postmaster until December 31, 1822, when John Keagy was appointed.  Peter Shirer was appointed on January 5, 1825 by John McLean, Postmaster General and Thomas Arbuckle, Clerk.
Succeeding postmasters are as follows:
Phineas Compton, June 3, 1839
Christian C. Livengood, June 18, 1841
Gabriel Miller, August 11, 1943
Peter S. Hay, March26, 1856
William Smith, July 29, 1861
Samuel M. Saylor, January 14, 1867
S. J. Lichty, January 6, 1869
Arthur McKinley, August 31, 1870
Stephen R. McKinley, April 24, 1882
Silas Wagner, October 27, 1885
Mortimer Welfley,  May 11, 1889
Peter L. Livengood, December 24, 1898
Albert B. Lowry,  December 26, 1906
C. S. Lichliter,  April 28, 1913 and again on February 1, 1941
D. H. Broadwater,  October 1, 1946
J. H. Leckemby,  March 16,1949
Freda L. Riley, October 26, 1950
Joe S. Monn, Sr.  September 30 1953
Earl C. Glotfelty, March 22, 1957
(additional names needed)

The first Post Office was opened on April 14, 1812, and named Salisbury.  This name retained until January 9, 1828.  At that time the federal government changed the name of the post office to Elk Lick.  The reason, another post office named Salisbury, located in Lancaster County, which had a prior claim to the name.  Ninety-nine years later the post office in Lancaster County was discontinued, and on January 1, 1927, the name of our post office was changed again to Salisbury, Somerset County, and so it remains.

*salisbury, penna centennial august 29, 1962


The First National Bank of Salisbury 1902
(photo date approximately 1920's)

CASHIER: Robert H. Johnson   BOOKKEEPER: Mrs. Ada G. Lichty   PRESIDENT: John L. Barchus
In 1871 Silas C. Keim and Jacob D. Livengood opened and operated a private bank on Ord Street. The bank closed in 1879 because of the hard times after the "panic of 1873". Valley Bank was established in 1889 by John L. Barchus and Jacob D. Livengood on Grant Street. In 1902 a charter was obtained and a permanent bank was established. In 1898 Albert Reitz became a clerk in the Valley bank and later became cashier of the new First National Bank.


Salisbury street scene; 1912-13.
Photo taken by L. J. Beachy of Mt. Nebo Studio, Grantsville, MD.
Left to Right: Davey Yoder, Henry Schramm, Albert Menhorn, Victor Schramm,
George Cochrane, John Trent, Dean children, Maude Schramm.

D.I. Hay Store

Merchants' account books of earlier days revealed the buying habits of the townspeople of Salisbury. They purchased school books, Bibles, and Hymn books. Men often bought the supplies needed for home repair and farming. Women purchased materials used to make the clothing for their family and vanity items for their hair. Household goods such as knives, coffee mills and dishes were available. Spices and herbs were also commonly purchased. It was often a one stop shopping experience.


Hay's Hotel

Inscription on back of photograph:
"Hay's Hotel Salisbury, PA"
"Otto Peatry"
Donated by Meyersdale Historical Association

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