Springs School On The Hill

The Springs School first used in 1899. It stood on the hill where winds blew strongly. Because it was a two-story building without a basement foundation, it would sway so much that it was considered unsafe. In 1938 it was sold to Cleman and Lura Folk who tore it down. The new school building was erected on the east site of Rt. 669 and used until the Springs, St. Paul, and Salisbury elementary school were consolidated in the mid 1970's.

Springs School on the Hill First Graders 1920-1921

Front, from left: Alta Shoemaker, "Liz" Bittinger, Tillie Wengerd, Vida Davis, Helen King, Edna King, Leota Rodamer, Alta Haning, Marian Maust.
Rear: Marian Shoemaker, Vera Shoemaker, Ruth Snyder, George Bender, Paul Miller, Ruth Maust, Orpha Hutzell, Elta Maust.

Springs School on the Hill -- Whole School

Front: Darrell Davis, Viola Bittinger, Marvette Livingood
Front Full Row (sitting): Earl Rodamer, George Bender, Elwood King, Ray Maust, Harry Rodamer, Ray Stevanus, Elam Miller, Gilbert Shoemaker, Floyd Maust, John Maust, Mark Otto
Second Row (kneeling): Elizabeth Bittinger, Ruth Maust, Alta Shoemaker, Leora Shoemaker, Minnie Bittinger, Orpah Hutzel, Vera Shoemaker, Edna King, Orpha Stevanus, Tillie Wengerd, Marian Maust
Third Row: Alta Haning, Marian Shoemaker, Elta Maust, Frances Shoemaker, Vera Davis, Emma Cross, Alma Maust, Vida Davis, Helen King, Leota Rodamer, Miss Twila Gelnett,
Fourth Row: Melvin Shoemaker, Chester Miller, Orden Miller
Fifth Row: Miss Coughenour, Mildred King, Christine Beachy, Anna Bender, Aaron Miller, Emma Lohr, William Killius, Verda Maust, Wilter Killius, Glenson Bender, Harry Rodamer, Hester Rodamer, Marie Bender, Maurine Davis, Mildred Stevanus, Loveta Ash.


Front Row: Mildred King, Anna Bender, Christine Beachy, Emma Lohr, Verda Maust, Hester Rodamer, Marie Bender, Mildred Stevanus
Second Row: Floyd Maust, (?) Orden Miller, Elwood King, Melvin Shoemaker, Chester Miller, Ray Stevanus, Alma Maust, Maureen David,
Third Row: Glenson Bender, Aaron Miller, William Killius, Anna Coughenour (teacher)

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