St. Paul School Children 1924 or 1925
St. Paul School

Edgar Engle is the small child in the lower left and his
aunt Mildred Engle (later married George Shrader) can be located by
starting at the farthest right girl - the one in the second row from
the top - Mildred is the third one in that row.  
(Information provided by Roger Engle) 

Salisbury School Children 1926

(Photograph donated by Freda Walker)

1- Sarah Keim  2- Charlie Mitchell 3- Mirial Harding
4-George Fallen  5- Ruth Horchler  6-Bob Harris
7-Theodore Lageer  8- Clarence Patton  9-Grace Fallen
10- Bill Lageer  11- Jane Holler  12-Ben Ringler
13-Jean Harris  14-Iva Trent  15-Helen House
16-Freda House  17-Esther Showalter  18-Helen Beal
19-Dick Showalter  20-John Trent  21-Jim Harris
22-Bernard May  23-Bill Holler
Scan of photograph without numbers available upon request

Teacher: Elizabeth Kieffer
Top: Paul Sipple,  Florence S, LeRay Deal, Margaret Folk
John Miller, Pearl Wilt, Leo Weimer, Mary Ruty, George Pearson,
Vida Hazel Kretchman, Ralph Brown.
2nd Row:  Edith Greene, Jane Shunk, Margaret Lohr, Mabel Beals,
Catherine Alexander, Ruth Horchler, Dorthy Rheumiser,
Marcella Murray, Ruby Neuman, Virginia Lepley, Roseta Knight
3rd Row:  Margaret Linergar, Sarah Jane Lichty, Ethel Ross,
Betty Hilligas, Mary Blocher, Freda House, Esther Showalter,
Grace Folk, Alverta Bowers, Bernice Bender, Eillan Bittinger,
Jane Lecomby.
4th Row:  Bernard May, Charles Weimer, Glenn Rhodes,
Philip Bash, Bill Livengood, Warren Oester, Merle Kolb,
Sam Vought, John Ritus, Clark Horchler

Same class as above.

Miss Petry and Miss Elizabeth Kiefer

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