Children of Lottie and Charles

Harry and Evelyn Fate
Evelyn, Charles and Harry

Ruby Fate
Evelyn Fate

Evelyn and Charles
Charles and Harry

Harry Fate
Inscription on the back: "Here I am Trude what do you think of me? Trude look at the hole in my stocking. Harry" (Lottie's son)
Postcard mailed to Gertrude Lillian Showalter Walker.
No postmark
Back row - kneeling - Lottie, beside her - her son, Charles William Fate,
Kneeling in front of Lottie, her grandson, John (Jack) Fate,son of Charles William.
Other woman - ? - probably is Charles' wife, Velma.

Evelyn Marie
(Grand Daughter)
Ruby Fate Gomer
Robert Gomer
(Grand Son)
Lewis Gomer 
(Grand Son)
James Fate (Son of Harry)
Ruby Fate
Robert Gomer (Son of Ruby)


Lottie Lee Showalter 
Born October 24, 1887 
Died 1974 
Married Charles Calvin Fate 
Charles Calvin Fate 
Born July 10, 1886 
Died Oct. 25, 1918

Children of Lottie Lee and Charles

Evelyn L. Fate 
Charles William Fate
Harry Fate
Ruby Henrietta  Fate 

Graduated in 1933
Nickname "Boy"
Married Velma Brown
Had two children:
John and Mary Lee
Born: 1908
Married to Ruth Raley.
Had three children
Evelyn graduated 1951
James graduated 1952
Charles graduated 1955
Married Lewis Gomer 
Graduated in 1935
Three children:
Robert, Lewis Jr
and Janice