Class of 1955

Earl Pope
Patricia Hook
Ralph Pritts
Dixie Grove
Charles Fate
Wanda Hall
Larry Maust
Shelva Brown
Hubert Swartzwelder
Lou Ann Newman
Edward Maust
Sonya Solosko
James Beachy
Joanne Folk
Charles Durst
Louise Bluebaugh
Richard Berkley
Phyllis Hutzel
Donald Mull
Dorothy Jones
Ronald Wiemer
Lauretta Maust
Richard Miller
Bertha Caton
Charles Lindeman
Esther Hetrick
Mary Butler
Anna Diener

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Historical Events for 1955
Jonas Salk develops polio vaccine.
Guinness Book of Records is published.
Clean Air Act is passed in Britain.
Walt Disney opens Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Class Motto:  Intense effort educates
Class Colors: Blue and Silver
Class Flower:  Red Rose