Class of 1933 .

Front row from left: Kathryn Diehl, Margaret Speicher, Isabelle Diehl Rodamer
Second Row: Pauline Deal Shumaker, Eileen Swartzwelder, Alma Blocker Dodge,
                         Margaret Reitz Lloyd, Jean McMudo Redmand, Lucille Miller
Third Row: Betty Kieffer(Advisor), Charles Edgar Simpkins, Charles Fate, James Harding
                        Clyde Miller, John Stangerone

Kathryn Diehl 
Alma Blocker Dodge
Charles Fate
Margaret Speicher Glessner
James Harding
Margaret Reitz Lloyd
Clyde Miller
Lucille Miller
Jean McMurdo Redmond
Isabelle Diehl Rodamer
Pauline Deal Shumaker cross
Charles Edgar Simpkins
John Stangerone
Eileen Swartzwelder

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Prohibition ends in the US, on 5 February 1933
1.5 million barrels of beer were consumed that night.
The chocolate chip cookie is invented by Ruth Wakefield.
Adolf Hitler becomes leader of Germany.