Class of 1951

Patrick Riley
Fay Rhodes
Mark Folk
Virginia Ryman
Clyde Tressler
Betty Caton Bowser
John Harris
Betty Durst Moser
William Zimmerman
Patricia Haselbarth
Jay Yoder
Martha  Hinebaugh
Joe Monn
Donna Berkley
William Walker
Joyce Engle 
William Durst
Mona Lee Schramm
Bradley Tressler
Lola Hollada Showalter
Evelyn Fate
Paula Hinebaugh
John Peck
Audrey Holler
Earl Yoder
Elaine Compton
Earl Thomas
Bradley Keim
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Photograph from the 1947 yearbook

Additional Classmates:
Lawrence Allison

Historic Events For 1951
The first "I Love Lucy" is aired on October 15, 1951
First space flight by living creatures when US sends 4
monkeys into the stratosphere.
Zenith Radio Corp introduces cable television.