Salisbury Volunteer Fire Department

On February 15, 1938 the Salisbury Volunteer Fire Department was born. A meeting was held in the Municipal Building -- invited were the 35 charter members: H. H. Statler, H. Kenneth Statler, W. D. Weise, H. L. Newman, Carl J. Newman, Robert J. Newman, Roland Newman, Jonas J. Lichty, Herbert G. Wagner, Wilbert R. Wagner, Clark Wagner, William C. Reckner, William J. Diehl, James W. McClure, G. Herbert Stein, Clyde Schramm, George Schramm, J. William Schramm, Gordon Moser, Ed Haselbarth, Webster Brant, Verle Robinson, Joe F. Livengood, Fred Speicher, Albert J. Bittner, Carl Menhorn, Harry Fate, W. B. Lichliter, John C. Lichliter, Robert L. Hoke, James W. Knecht, Stanley Thomas, Arthur Brown, Karl Swartzwelder and Roy Blocker. The officers elected to serve the first term were Walter D. Weise, president; Stanley Thomas, vice president; Wilbur Lichliter, secretary; Hubert L. Newman, treasurer and Herbert H. Statler, fire chief.


Fire Hall before addition -- the old Farner house is to the right.




Beard growing for Salisbury Centennial

Top Row Left to Right: Clyde Shultz, Clyde Engle, Leroy Garlitz, Bill Short, Harry Werner, Gene Pope, Leonard Garlitz, Gump Wright.
Middle Row: Max McChesny, Frank Hostetler, Guy Hardesty, Mike Shumaker Don Tressler, Gilbert Shumaker, Clyde Deal, Dick Glotfelty.
Bottom Row: Swompy Keim, Frank Hummel, Ray Salor, Charley May, Clark Hutzel, Albert Bowman, Lester Durst.


Top Row left to Right: Francis Hochard, Paul Forner, Delmas George, Dan Bowman, John Robert Housel, Ely Summers, Percy Harris, Mark Tressler, Mike Walter Murray, Clarence Smith.
Middle Row: George Winters, Max Miller, Scot Moser, Sam Short, Dick Glotfelty, Bill short, Leonard Garlitz, Claude Pope, Roy Blocher, Bernard Knecht.
Bottom Row: Jack Pyle, Norman Zimmerman, Paul Lichty, C.A. Maust, Homer Gnagy, Bob Hoke, Dan Miller, Francis Knecht, Joe Anaya.


Salisbury Fire Hall after May 31, 1998 tornado

Volunteer Fire Department 1 Volunteer Fire Department 2
Volunteer Fire Department 3 Volunteer Fire Department 4
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