William Showalter (age 28) , his wife Mary Ellen (Heinbaugh) and their children. Francis Alvin stands beside his father, Viola Gertrude sits on his knee, Ellen Catherine stands by her mother, and the baby is Martha Esther

William and Mary
William's age is approx. 43

Garnetta Mae and Francis Alvin
Martha Esther---Ellen Catherine---Robert William

Francis Alvin and his wife Anna Thomas

Francis A. Showalter
Salisbury - Elk Lick
Mathematics, History, Health, Social Studies, 
High School Principal 
Anna Thomas Showalter
Grade 6

William F. Showalter
Born August 9, 1884 
Died Febuary 13, 1932 
Married Mary Ellen Heinbaugh 
Marriage date: May 11, 1906 
Son of Samuel Greenbriar Showalter
Mary Ellen Heinbaugh
Born March 16,1887 
Died December 1969
Francis Alvin Showalter
Born March 25, 1907 
Married Anna Thomas 
No Children
Ellen Catherine Showalter
Born September 12, 1908 
Died July 23, 1969 
Married to (1) George Berrier 
(2) George Hartsock 
No Children
Viola Gertrude Showalter 
Born April 8, 1910 
Died October 13, 1968 
Never Married
Martha Esther Showalter 
Born July 9, 1912 
Died June 10, 1979 
Married to Joseph Howard Yeaman 
Two Children
Garnetta Mae Showalter 
Born May 23, 1915
Died Auguest 21, 1976 
Never Married
Robert William Showalter 
Born December 8, 1923 
Died December 12,1985 
Martha Grow Sosna 
No Children