Class of 1941


First row-Jane Walker, Emily Jane Lichliter, Mayo Maust, Sara Keim
Second row--Phyllis Newman, Helen Ash, Audrainne Brown, Mary Jane Maust
Third row--Almetia Brown, Ella Mae Hillegas, Esther Davis, Esther Winters
Fourth row--Tom James, Dan Miller, Bob Showalter, Clarence Herring
Fifth row--Elmer Gray, Austin Hoffman, Blaine Shunk, Gale Hillegas
Sixth row--Earl deal, Don durst, Dick Glotfelty, Paul Menhorn
Seventh row--Dick Hickson, Ward Holler, Blair Robertson

Helen Ash Yoder
Almetia Brown Bowman
Audrainne Brown Horning
Esther Davis Heim
Earl Deal
Donald Durst
Dick Glotfelty
Elmer Gray
Clarence Herring
Dick Hickson
Ella Mae Hillegas Spence
Gale Hillegas
Austin Hoffman
Ward Holler
Thomas James
Sara Keim Smith
Emily Jane Lichliter Hickson
Mary Jane Maust Miller
Mayo Maust Shumaker
Paul Menhorn
Dan Miller
Phyllis Newman Haus
Blair Robertson cross
Bob Showalter
Blaine Shunk
Jane Walker Barnhart
Esther Winters Fike
Richard Hickson

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Mary Donna Corbett Bowman

Historic Events For 1941
Early in the morning of December 7, 1941, Japanese submarines and
carrier-based planes attacked the U.S. Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor.
1,177 crewmen and Marines of the U.S.S. Arizona who lost their
lives on December 7, 1941. They are still entombed within the Arizona herself.
There were 23 sets of brothers killed aboard the Arizona on that day.

Arizona burning