Class of 1947

Eleanor Bluebaugh Hochard
Kathleen Bowman Sann
Samuel Compton
Margaret Jane Deist
Luke Durst
Alberta Garlitz Shumaker
Walter Hanft
Alice Mae Harris
Dale Hoffman
Jack Keim
Mary Lou Keim Kolb
Leroy Maust
Patricia Maust Rupert
Shirley Miller Livengood
Aretta Moser 
Lorretta Moser Loechel
Shirley Newman Glotfelty
Arthur Reckner
Edna Mae Rhoden Baer   Obituary
Evelyn Schrock Kauffman
Conrad Phillip Sloan
Phyllis Wagner Bender
Mardelle Winters Pletcher

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Historic Events For 1947
"The HOWDY DOODY Show" 12/27/47 was the first network kids
show to run 5 days a week, the first network show of the
day (in the beginning it was preceded by the daily test
pattern), the first television show ever broadcast in color,
and the the first show ever to air more than 1,000
continuous episodes.

Class Motto:  Qui non proficit, deficit.  He who does not advance, falls behind.
Class Colors:  Green and White
Class Flower: Yellow Rose