Class of 1942

First row (left to right):  Adeline Speicher, Betty Schramm, Evelyn Herring, Beatrice Beachy, Wanda Statler, Anna Marie Ringler, Ada Schrock. 
Second row:  Pauline Bittner, Lorraine Miller, Mark Hetrick, Charles Seibert, Oscar Hanft, Clayton Bittinger, Roy Diehl, Leoda House, Edna Bodes 
Third row:  Phyllis Maust, Mary Kolb, Bernice Kolb, Virginia Ash, Kathleen Hotchkiss, Ruth Hay, Frances Newman, Dorothy Engle, Doretta Critchfield, Foster Broadwater, James Farner, William Lee 
Fourth row:  Kenneth Brown, William Riley, Paul Vought, Paul Menhorn, Robert Durst, Fred Showalter, Charles Folk

Virginia Ash Brenneman
Beatrice Beachy Hardy
Clayton Bittinger
Pauline Bittner LeRoy
Edna Bodes Spaugy
Eleanor Bodes Gauntz
Foster Broadwater
Kenneth Brown
Doretta Critchfield Jones
Roy Diehl cross
Robert Durst 
Dorothy Engle James
James Farner
Charles Folk
Oscar Hanft
Ruth Hay Miller
Evelyn Herring 
Mark Hetrick 
Kathleen Hotchkiss Christner
Leoda House Peters
George Keim
Bernice Kolb
Mary Kolb Schrock
William Lee
Phyllis Maust Hilt
Sylvester Maust cross
Paul Menhorn
Mary Lininger
Loraine Miller
Francis Newman Green
William Riley
Anna Marie Ringler Anderson
Betty Shramm Smith
Ada Shrock 
 Charles Seibert
Edna Broadwater Fisher
Fred Showaltercross
Adaline Speicher
Wanda Statler Weise
Paul Vought

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Historic Events for 1942
More than 120,000 Japanese Americans were interned behind
barbed wire during World War II -- over half were children .
Italian physicist Enrico Fermi launches the first
controlled nuclear chain reaction at the University of Chicago.
Tony the Tiger debuts as mascot for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes.

 A relocation center seen during a dust storm