Salisbury, Pennsylvania

North end of C.T. Hay building on West Grant Street. Burned in 1924.
Date of photograph 1897
The man seated in the chair is Dennis Wagner, and the man
standing slightly behind him is his son-in-law, Charles Wilt.

Salisbury Star 12/12/1897: "C.T. Hay's new business block is now being
erected. It will include one of the biggest buildings in town. The first
floor will house a furniture store. Allison Johnson of Uniontown has rented
it for ten years. On the second floor there will be an Opera House, and in
the basement, pool and billiard tables will be run in connection with Hay's
Hotel. There is little doubt of Salisbury being on the eve of the greatest
boom it ever had."
Photograph from the collection of Peg Thomas

Dr. Swank Residence.
Now Walker's Bar--Grant Street
Photograph from the collection of the Meyersdale Library.

David Yoder in front of bar window
To the right of David Yoder is Mick Harding inside building.
This bar was located next to Stotler's Livery office on west
Grant Street between the Valley House and the Hay Building.
(Photo from the collection of Rebecca McClure)

Roaming the streets of Salisbury!
(photograph donated by Sam "Gus" Garlitz)

Photo taken behind the Dan Livengood home,
now the home of Clyde and Mary Eliza Deal. The
field beside that house was used for Carnivals in the 1920 and 1930's.
The Carnivals were later were moved to the field where the High School now stands.
In this Maypole dance, the girls skip in and out of the boys, then the
                    boys in and out of the girls, gradually winding the ribbons around and down the
pole in an intricate and ever more tightly plaited pattern.

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