Robert Ray Duncan
Date of Birth: 16 March 1942
Date of Loss: 29 August 1968 
Home City: W. Palm Beach FL 

 LT.JG Alan Frederick Ashall 
Bombardier/navigator with LT.JG Duncan

Robert Ray Duncan

Lt. JG Robert R. Duncan was a pilot assigned to Attack Squadron 85 onboard the aircraft carrier USS AMERICA (CVA 66). On August 29,1968 Duncan and his crew mate LT. JG Alan Fredrick Ashall launched from the aircraft carried in a A6A Intruder on an armed reconnaissance mission in the Vinh Son area of North Vietnam. Three surface-to-air missiles were observed in the area. A transmission was received from the aircraft reporting that they were experiencing radio trouble, and then a transmission that sounded like "SAMs in the air" followed by "We shot a missile" or "I got a missile". No distress signals were received and efforts to contact were unsuccessful. Search and rescue efforts were initiated immediately, but the results were negative. There was a large fireball observed on the ground in the vicinity where the aircraft disappeared. It was suspected that the aircraft took a direct or disabling hit by one of the three SAMs or collided with the terrain while attempting to avoid enemy fire. Robert R. Duncan was classified Missing in Action. As with so many men, this issue cannot fully be resolved until Lt. Duncan is returned. 


Robert Ray Duncan Johnny C. Calhoun
Howard P. Purcell USS AMERICA CVA-66 
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