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The following information was compiled from a couple different internet sources and from
Patsy Ruth Yeaman, also a great grand child of Samuel Greenbriar Showalter. Unfortunately
some of the dates are different from one source to the next. I believe that the basic information
is correct. For more information about the descendants of Jacob Showalter please view the links
at the end of this site. For more information about the descendants of Samuel Greenbriar please
leave a message in the forum. I have many spouse and children information. With the help of yet
another descendant of Samuel Greenbriar we are working on the family line of his wife Barbara.
A special thank you to Patsy Yeaman and Jill Gutowski for sharing some of the additional photographs.

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Jacob Showalter Sr.
Born in 1694 in Basel Switzerland
Died 1773 in Chester County., PA
Married about 1721 to Maria possibly Saunders or Funk
Jacob arrived in Philadelphia on the ship Brotherhood, commanded by Captain John
Thompson. Ship departed Rotterdam, with last Port Cowes, England. Arrived in Philadelphia with 11 children on 3
November 1750. Jacob (father) settled in Whiteall Township, Bucks Co., Penn.; 1752 Whitehall Township to
Northampton Co., 1812; Whiteall Township to Lehigh Co.**

Valentine (Felty) Showalter
Born in 1736 St. Gall Canton, Switzerland
(one source has his birth date as 1738)
Died in 1803 in Rockingham County, VA
Married Anna Funk

John B. Showalter
Born 1775
Died 1847
Married to Elizabeth Roth
Rockingham County, VA

Jeremiah Showalter
Born 27 June 1817
Died 6 December 1884
Married in 1841 to Margaret Bowman
Somerset County, PA

Samuel Greenbriar Showalter
Born 21 April 1859
Died 2 August 1926
Married to Barbara Ellen Garlitz
Salisbury, PA Somerset County

Samuel Curtis Showalter
Born 1900
Died 1958
Married to Mabel Jenny Beynon
Salisbury, PA Somerset County


Peter Showalter (b: circa 1722 d: 1775) Killed by Indians
Jacob Showalter Jr. (b: 1724 d: 1778)
Christian Showalter (b: 1727 d: 17 May 1805)
John Showalter (b: 1732 d: February 1805)
Joseph Showalter (b: 1936 d: 1802)
VALENTINE SHOWALTER (b: 1736 d: 1803)
Daniel Showalter (b: 20 June 1738 d: 10 May 1822)
Ulrich Showalter (b: 1743 d: 1815)
Barbara Showalter (b: 1733 d: 1824) conflicting information
Margaret Showalter (b: 1746 d: ?)
Martha Anna Showalter (b: circa 1747 d: ?)
??? Showalter (b: circa 1750 d: 1750) Died on board the ship "Brotherhood"

JOHN B. SHOWALTER (b: circa 1765 d: circa 1847)
Joseph Showalter (b: 1772 d: after 1860)
Nancy Showalter (b: circa 1775 d: after 1850)
Jacob Showalter (b: 15 June 1772 d: 8 October 1851)
Mary Showalter (b: 1766 d: ?) also have dates as (b: 1783 d: 1863)
Christopher "Christian" Showalter (b: 1768 d: 12 August 1825)
Daniel Showalter (b: ? d: 1812)
David Showalter (b: 30 October 1781 d: 18 April 1858)
(note: not all of these children are listed on all records)

Children of JOHN B. SHOWALTER:
Anthony B. Showalter (b: circa 1794 d: ?)
John Showalter Jr. (b: 2 December 1795 d: 1875)
Nancy Showalter (b: circa 1797 d: ?)
Samuel Showalter (b: circa 1799 d: ?)
Elizabeth Showalter (b: circa 1801 d: ?)
Rebecca Showalter (b: circa 1803 d: ?)
Catherine Showalter (b: 21 March 1806 d: ?)
George Showalter (b: 21 January 1807 d: ?)
Sarah Showalter (b: circa 1808 d: ?)
Susannah Showalter (b: circa 1809 d: ?)
William Showalter (b: circa 1810 d: ?)
JEREMIAH SHOWALTER (b: 27 June 1812 d: 6 December 1884)
Andrew Showalter (b: circa 1814 d: ?)
Martin Showalter (b: circa 1816 d: ?)

John A. Showalter (b: 1 March 1842 d: 28 September 1893)
Susan E. Showalter (b: 18 December 1844 d: 4 March 1901)
Jenny Lynn Showalter (no information)
Unknown Child
Unknown Child
Winfield Scott Showalter (b: 1 June 1853 d: 22 January 1878)
Mary Etta Showalter (b: 1 June 1853 d: 9 December 1878)
SAMUEL GREENBRIAR SHOWALTER ( 21 April 1859 d: 2 August 1926)
(perhaps Winfield and Mary Etta were twins or the dates are incorrect)

William F. Showalter (b: 9 August 1884 d: 13 February 1932)
John Showalter (died as three day old infant)
Lottie Lee Showalter (b: 24 October 1887 d: 1974)
Clarence Briton Showalter (b: 1890 d: 1962)
Gertrude Lillian Showalter (b: 2 March 1892 d: 21 February 1954)
Robert K. Showalter (b: 24 November 1894 d: 18 May 1961)
Joseph Edwin Showalter (b: 1 September 1897 d: 6 March 1899)
Ada Ann (Florence) Showalter (b: 21 March 1903 d: 5 January 1969)
Lawrence Showalter (no information)

**Book source: Pamela A. Brown, Article "The Showalters of
Earl and Cocalico Townships, Lancaster Co., PA" in Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage Journal.

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