Class 2009

Class of 2009
Adrienne Beiler
Warren Beitzel
Tiffany Bittinger
Ryan Blough
Matthew Broadwater
Catherine Deal
Cheryl Finzel
Christian Garlitz
James Gnagey
Morgan Haning
Seth Hutzel
Lyndsay Kauffman
Dana Lishia
Daniel Lung
Joshua Lung
Casey Lytle
John Mallow
Nicole Maust
Rebecca Maust
Savannah Maust
Raven McComas
Nicole McKenzie
Ryan Merrbach
Jared Murray
Christy Orner
Christine Parisi
John Peck
Kaitlyn Pollock
Hayden Reeves
Brooke Romesberg
Daniel Short
Amanda Shumaker
Brittany Sines
Richard Thomas
Mitchell Vaughn
Joshua Welch
Samuel Wiley
Timothy Yoder

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Historical Events
Barack Obama becomes the first African-American President of the United States