Class of 2000

Roxy Allen
Jessica Blackwelder
Rose Brown
Andy Cook
Andrea Deal
William (Bill) Deal
Andy Durst
Dan Durst
Sandra Durst
Greg Garlitz Jr
Nathan Garlitz
Kristen Gnagey
Sarah Gnagey
Joshua Grun
Leona Hauer
Sara Heatwole
Steph Hoover
James Leister
Adam Maust
B.J. (Sidney) Mull Jr.
Chris Otto
Missy Powell
Tim Schrock
Shannon Seese
Britany Shumaker
Dave Sipple
Lee Spiker
Rob Swindell
Amanda Wood
Krista Yoder

Additional Classmates:
Jeff Brown
Louis Neimiller
Doug Meyers
Jason Shuck
Virginia Tressler

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Well, I guess all the doomsday soothsayers are
sorely disappointed to find that they actually
woke up and that the World did not come to an
end on New Year's Day!

Now, what to do with all those guns they
purchased; the 2,000 gallons of surplus water; the
450 cans of Spam; and 730 packages of Oreos?

The banks didn't fail; the stock market did not
crash; the utility companies rose brilliantly to the
occasion; and the Bomb is still safely tucked

Oh well, perhaps the year 3000 will offer them a
little more excitement!