Class of 1998

Becky Artice
Tiffany Baer
Lynton Bender
Alyssa Brenneman
Ashley Brown
Inga Burchuladze
J ohn Byrd
Robert Caruthers
Matt Deal
Rachel Deer
Adam C. Durst
Beth Durst
Suealice Durst
Scott Elefante
Jennifer Hetrick
Herbie Hilliard
Kelli Hollada
Jesse Housel
Chunca Layton
David Lichty
Miranda Lishia
Jennifer Maust
Nick McKenzie
Erin Meese
Rachel Miller
Joshua Newman
Ron Oester
Erik Robertson
Geoffrey Robertson
Polly Schartiger
Missy Sipple
Artie Speicher
Jessica Spiker
Caleb Vought
Seth Wengerd
Barb Whisner
Justin Zimmerman

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Historic Events For 1998
St. Louis Cardinal baseball player Mark McGwire breaks
Roger Maris' single season home-run world record and
finishes the season with 70 victorious homers. Chicago
Cub Sammy Sosa also breaks the record with 66 home runs.

Microsoft launches Windows98.
The Clinton sex scandal explodes.
Hurricane Mitch pounds the Caribbean and Central America