Class of 1997


Crystal Alstatt
LaVonne Bender
David Bittinger
Jennifer Bornyak
Rachel Brendle
Lonny Doyle
George Durst
Amber Ferraro
Amanda Harkcom
April Helpler
Jay Hollada
Josh Hoover
Heather Knopsnyder
Latisha Maust
Jennifer McKenzie
Robert Millard
Bethany Ringler
Jessica Shuck
Amber Smith
Amanda Spiker
Joseph Valo
Julie Valo
Angie Weimer
Amanda Wingard
Craig Yoder
Kathy Yoder

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Historic Events For 1997
The tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales
Mother Teresa of Calcutta dies on Sept. 5, 1997

Scientists at Roslin Institute in Scotland clones a sheep, "Dolly".
World's first university, where Aristotle and Socrates taught, is discovered in Athens.

Class Motto:  How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something, but to be someone.
Class Colors:  Maroon and Navy
Class Flower: Iris


Mother Teresa:
In fighting for the dignity of the
destitute in a foreign land, she
gave the world a moral example
that bridged divides of culture,
class and religion.