Class of 1996

Jason Benning
Jill Benning
Joni Clark 
Stephanie Cogley
Richard Deer
Gewaine Durst, Jr
Lori Ann George
Brian Gnage,
Eric Hoover 
Jeremy Hoover
Jodie Kyle 
Andrew  Lowery 
Daniel McKenzie
Holly Miller
Faith  Pope
Timothy Ringler
Matthew Robinette
Toshia Saylor 
Melinda Spiker
 Joseph Walker 
Shawn Wingard
Karlyn Yoder 
Matthew Yoder
 Michael Yoder

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Historic Events For 1996
"Beanie Babies" phenomena begins with the retirement of the first
eleven Beanie Babies thus becoming a collector's item.

On May 11, ValuJet Flight 592
crashed in the Florida Everglades,
killing all 110 people on board.

July 18, TWA Flight 800 crashed
into the Atlantic Ocean, killing all 230 people on board.