Class of 1995

Jeremy Baer Terry Baker Loren Bender Bobby Jo Berkley
Amy Bittinger Randy Bittinger Sherri Bittinger Anthony Butler
Derrick Caruthers Bob Cummins Brian Deal Tony Ferraro
Richard Landis Heather Livengood Jessica Livengood Darwin Maust
Susan Maust Laura Miller Geneva Putnam Sherri Reiber
Marc Shunk Jeremy Sines Sherri Snyder Joshua Vought
Erin Wengerd Shawn Wilt Marcy Younkin

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Historic Events For 1995
The Oklahoma City Bombing 9:02 am April 19th.
Lisa Clayton becomes the first woman to sail around the world.
Microsoft launches Windows95.

Class Motto:  There's happiness in little things, there's joy in passing pleasures,
                         but friendships are, from year to year, the best of all life's treasure.
Class Colors:  Black and Emeral Green
Class Flower: Red Rose