Class of 1993

Travis Beitzel
Daryl Bender
Rick Bittinger
Shane Bodes
Jeremy Brenneman
Ann Critchfield
Amber Crosby
Amy Jo Detrick
Angie Hetrick
Shawn Hutzel
Michelle Layton
Valerie Livengood
Candace Miller
Stacy Miller
Charolette Minick
Andy Moser
Shelley Otto
Jackie Paul
Becky Rugg
Scottie Showalter
Laury Smearman
Eric Swauger
Sonya Vought
Roger Wiltrout
Cynthia Yoder
Angela Younkin

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Historic Events For 1993
Monday, April 19, 1993 -- Waco tragedy
World Wide Web goes graphic with the launch of the Mosaic browser.
Plan to map the entire genetic structureof humans, Human Genome Project,
launched in San Diego.

Class Motto:  If you wish for a dream it might come true; but if you reach for a goal it's sure to follow through.
Class Colors:  Black and Fushia
Class Flower: Yellow Rose

David Koresh