Class of 1992

Seth Brownlee
Toni Clark
Kristin Compton
Jeff Gray
Jason Haning
Melanie Harvey
John Hauer
Cathy Holler
Christina Holler
Carla Homan
Kedrick Lapp
Chris Layton
Joe Maust
Teddie Maust
Michael McKenzie
Steven Miller
Douglas Mort
Lori Murray
Michael Robertson
Michael Seibert
Barry Shipley
Leon Sines
Resley Tressler
James Walker
Kristin Wengerd
Tim Yoder

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Historic Events For 1992
The Los Angles' riots began on April 29, 1992 as a result of Rodney King's trial.
 Fighting breaks out in Sarajevo, Bosnia.
World's first damages award made
for illness causes by passive smoking, in Sydney.