Class of 1991

Daniel Albright
Earl Benning
Jodie Blocher
Heath Bodes
Doretta Diehl
Loretta Diehl
Christine Fazenbaker
Paul Fazenbaker
Brian Galley
Wayne Gnagey
Stephen Hershberger
Dale Holler
Adam Jones
Roger Lindeman
Edmund Lynn, III
Kirk McKenzie
Anthony Merrill
Jackie Meyers
Misty Minick
Brian Ringler
Kelly Robinette
Frank Ross, Jr.
Brian Rugg
Christopher Smith
Neil Steinly
Michael Steinrich
Darrick Yoder
Lana Yommer

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Historic Events For 1991
"Home Improvement" debuts
End of the Soviet Union.
Iraqi forces expelled from Kuwait.
Helen Sharman becomes the first British
astronaut, on Soyuz TM-12.