Class of 1989

Lynette Bender
Kimberly Bodes
Tammy Brumfield
Melissa Butler
Barbara Easton
Susan Fisher
Jennifer Haning
Jerry Haning
Lori Holler
Melinda Hollada
Anna Hutzel
Thomas Knopsnyder
Kevin Kretchman
Robert Layton, Jr.
Carol Mason
Cheryl Mast
Christopher Maust
Daryl Maust
David Maust
Glen Maust
Jennifer Maust
Wendy Maust
Jeffrey Nicholson
Christine Pope
Sandra Richter
Alvie Rugg
Grace Schartiger
Melanie Seibert
Kimberly Snelson
Natalie Statler
Georgia Thomas
Heidi Wengerd
Delmas Wilt, Jr.
Jodi Wisseman

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Historic Events For 1989
Berlin Wall comes down - uniting the East and West Germans.
Exxon Valdes runs aground in Alaska.
Tiananmen Square protests by students.