Class of 1985
Jason Blocher
April Chaney
Kim Deal
Donald Durst
David Eichorn
Brian Hare
Dawn Horning
Ed Lottig
Marci Mason
Richard Mason
Joyce Maust
Tonya Maust
Jennifer Miller
Shawn Peck
Matthew Pope
Patrick Pope
Michael Rugg
Melissa Steinly
Mary Swauger
James Tuck
Danette Weimer
Keith Weimer
Trina Wengerd
Johna Werner
Robin Werner
Andrew Yoder
Larry Yoder
Roberta Yoder

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Historic Events For 1985
The "Brat Pack" is in full swing with St. Elmo's Fire
British scientist Joe Farman discovers the hole in the ozone.
Dr Alec Jeffreys discovers genetic fingerprint.
Lasers are first used in surgery.
Clive Sinclair introduces the battery-operated car.
Commercial whaling banned.

Class Motto:  "The rung of the ladder was never meant to rest upon; but only to hold
                          a man's foot long enough to put the other somewhat higher."  (Huxley)
Class Colors:  Royal Blue and Silver
Class Flower: White Carnation