Class of 1984

Gail Baer
Sharon Beeman
Marlin Beitzel
Merlin Beitzel
Crystal Brown
Lisa Brownlee
Daniel Butler
Bev Caton
Kenneth Custer
Norman Deal
Patty Fisher
Bill Green
Sheila Haning
Dianna Harshberger
Christina Harvey
Brenda Hause
Sam Hochard
Jamie Hoover
Tammy Hoover
Linda Knopsnyder
Keith Kretchman
Kim Kretchman
Vicki Kretchman
Becky Mason
Chris Mason
Leonard Maust
Vicki Maust
Joe Miller
Lori Miller
Elmer Paul
Glenn Pritts
Julie Pritts
David Pugh
Deb Richter
Karl Ringler
Keith Sarver
Jerry Steinrich

Additional Classmates
Jack Thomas
Robert "Bo" Lottig
Melissa Mason
Ward Able
Charles Lindeman Jr

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Historic Events For 1984
Mary Lou Retton: 1984 Olympic Gold Medallist,
Vault a perfect 10- first American woman to win Olympic gold.
Bruce McCandless becomes the first man to fly in space without a safety line.
Apple Computers launch the Macintosh.

Class Motto:  My interest is in the future, because I'm going to spend the rest of my life there.
Class Colors:  Light Blue and Dark Blue
Class Flower: Carnation