Class of 1981
Mary Bittinger
Tammy Bodes
David Brenneman
Rick Caton
William Custer
Michael Deal
Thomas Derynoski
Julie Fetter
Melinda Folk
Bradley Garlitz
Forrest Harvey
Lori Hetrick
Terry Hillegas
Maxine Klink
Rose Kraybill
Michael Mason
Robert Maust 
Jeffery Miller
Debra Newman
David Nicklow
Gregory Peck
John Peck
Tammara Puffingburg
Lisa Pugh
Lorne Saylor
Paul Short
Donald Sines
Michael Wisseman
Douglas Yoder
Glenn Yoder
Kathleen Yoder
Ronald Yoder
Additional Classmates:
Natalie Brownlee
Tina Bowers
Stacey George
Leon Kline
Stacey Meyers
Christine Zerfoss

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Historic Events For 1981
Wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana Spencer.
IBM launches their PC.
Shuttle Columbia launched.

Class Motto:  "The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what
                          direction we are moving."  (Holmes)
Class Colors:  Black and White
Class Flower: White Rose