Class of 1980

Donald Beitzel
Ronald Beitzel
Jacquelyn Bittner
Michael Bowers
Elaine Brown
Shawn Brown
Shelby Brownlee
Bryon Deal
Kimberly Durst
Debra Fisher
Robert George
David Haines
Paul Harshberger, Jr.
Rebecca Hay
Bruce Keim
Kathy Kretchman
Nevin Lowry
Kathryn Maley
Lori Maust
Gregory Miller
John Miller
Sandra Miller
Mary Mort
Bonnie Moser
Christopher Oester
George Pope
Beverly Pritts
Pamela Short
John Shumaker
Ronald Sines
Brenda Stein
Nathan Steinrich
Susan Swindell
Wayne Swindell
Albert Thomas
Pamela Tressler
William Walker
Robert Weimer

Additional Classmates
Lauri McKee
Lynne McKee

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Historic Events For 1980
John Lennon was murdered in front of the Dakota House
in New York City on the 9th ofDecember in 1980.
He was the victim of a psychopath.

Class Motto:  "The rung of the ladder was never meant to rest upon;
                               but only to hold a man's foot long enough to
                               put the other somewhat higher."  (huxley)
Class Colors: Midnight Blue and Cream
Class Flower: White Rose