Class of 1979

Tammy Albright
Merle Baker
Francis Bassett
Norma Bender
Joseph Bittinger
Wade Brant
Michael Bowman
Kimberly Brown
Joy Custer
Kenneth Deal
James Doyle
Lisa Durst
Carol Garlitz
Lori Garlitz
John George
David Harris 
Felicia Harvey
Edward Hay
Tana Hetrick
Charles Hetz

Brenda Hochard
Eddie Hollada
Fred Holler
Michelle Lowry
Debra Maust
Marjorie Maust
Teresa Maust
Pamela McKenzie
Wendy McKenzie
Douglas Miller
Karen Miller
Adam Mirkin
Winifred Pope
Lisa Ross
James Seibert
Sandra Shumaker
Alice Sines
Darlene Spiker
Debra Stein
Mike Tuck
Patti Vena
 Heidi Yutzy

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Additional classmates:
Jerry Adams
William Brant
Steve Brown
Donna Christner
Michael Hartzell
Tracy Hotchkiss
Sharon Houston
George Lung
Kim McKee
Kenyon McKee
Rob Maust
Robert Spangler

1979 Nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania.
Russia invades Afghanistan.
Nobel prize awarded to Mother Teresa.
Sony launches the Walkman.
Frank Rudy designs first air-cushioned running shoe, the Nike Tailwind.

Class Motto:  "It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness"
Class Colors:  Wine and Silver
Class Flower:  White Rose