Class of 1977


Douglas Baer
Vickey Beeman
Joyce Bittinger
Larry Broadwater
Harvey Brown
Cheryl Custer
Floyd Doyle
Gregory Garlitz
Timothy Harris
Keith Hetrick
Brenda Kline
Linda Kline
Ed Knopsnyder
Tim Knopsnyder
Rodney Lichty
Daniel Locke
Bobbie Lowery
Jesse Maust
Linda Maust
Pat McKenzie
Dale Meese
Douglas Miller
Glenn Miller
Regina Miller
Peter Mirkin
Kristina Monn
Barron Ringler 
Sally Roundsley
Silven Stein
Stanley Thomas
Annette Tressler
Kevin Weimer
Sondra Witt
Kenneth Yoder
Robert Yutzy

Additional classmates:
Jamie Brant 
Chuck Bowman 

Michele McKee

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Star Wars debuts.
Apple II becomes the first mass-produced home computer.
Rings around Uranus discovered.

Class Motto:  "Acquiring money allows a man to live good,
                            but acquiring an education allows for a good life"
Class Colors:  Burgundy and Creme
Class Flower:  Carnation


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