Class of 1974

Esther Beachy
Joyce Beachy
Sandra Beals
Wayne Beitzel
Reggie Bowers
Elmer Caton
John Durst
Keith Durst
Wanda Fisher
Beverly Folk
Thomas Garlitz
Robert Green
Cheryl Greer
William Hare
Howard Hartzell
Kathryn Hillegas
Kenneth Hoover
Randy Housel
Pam Houston
Linda Hunt
Rodney Kemerer
Melissa Kemp
Nancy Kolb
Charles Kraybill
Eileen Maust
Russ Merrbach
Robert Miller
Rochelle Miller
Zonda Miller
Cynthia Moser
David Otto
Diane Otto
Karen Powell
Randal Jay Resh
Randy Clay Resh
Bryan Ringler
Elizabeth Statler
David Thomas
Jeff Thomas
Enos Tice
Reuben Tice
Brenda Twombly
Amy Walker
Craig West
Dusty Wilt
Rusty Wilt
Bernice Yoder
Dwight Yoder
Richard Yoder
Ruth Yoder
Robert Zimmerman
Marcia Gnagey
Carolyn Rodamer
Additional Classmates:
Robert McKee
Tim McKenzie
Judith Bender

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Historic Events For 1974
The Watergate scandal forced Richard M. Nixon
to resign the Presidency.
Art Fry invents Post-It.
GM introduces the catalytic converter.
Gillette introduces the disposable razor.

Class Motto:  "The unexamined life is not worth living." Socrates
Class Colors:  Green and White
Class Flower:  White Rose

Class Reunion
November 26, 1999
Springs Meeting House
Springs, PA

First (seated) row L to R: Kathy Hillegas Aumiller, Cindy Moser Long, Carolyn Rodamer Gum, Nancy
            Kolb White, Shelley Miller McKenzie, Amy Walker Heberling
            Second row: Reuben Tice, Bev Folk Critchfield, Eileen Maust Yoder, Linda Hunt Duncan, Ruth Yoder
            Yoder, Bill Hare, Jay Resh
            Third row:Randy Housel, Bob Green Wayne Beitzel, Rick Yoder
            Fourth (back) row: Elmer Caton, Dave Otto, Dwight Yoder, Randy Resh, Rod Kemerer

November 26, 1999
Springs Meeting House
Springs, PA