Class of 1973

Kathy Albright cross
Michael Anaya
Dorcas Beachy
Renate Beachy
Jack Beitzel
Elam Bender
Nancy Bender
Joseph Berkley
Lawrence Bittinger
Sue Bodes
Carl Deal
Denise Burkholder
Rebecca Doyle
Karen Durst
Connie Durst
Sue Fazenbaker
Rita Fisher
Donald Green
Debra Greer
Michelle Grimm
Kim Hardesty
Anita Hersh
Kathy Hochard
Kathy Ickes
Janet Jeffrey
Trudy Jones
Cynthia Kemp
Victoria Kerrigan
Debra Kolb
Deborah Lung
Daniel Maust
Mona Lee Maust
Veril Maust
Tom McCleary
Cheryl McKenzie
John McKenzie
Harvey Miller
William Pritt cross
Susan Reckner
Michael Rembold
Clifford Schrock
George David Short
Margaret Shultz
Deborah Sipple
Elsie Sommers
Beverly Tissue
Roger Wiltrout
Joy Yoder
Richard Yoder

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Historic Events For 1973
On the early morning of June 17, 1972, five men were arrested after breaking into the Democratic National Committee
Headquarters in the Washington, DC Watergate office complex.   These burglars, who had been attempting to tap the
headquarters' phones, eventually were connected to President Richard Nixon's Committee to Re-elect the President
(CREEP).  Over the next few months, this minor break-in snowballed as more facts eventually came to light.  What
initially appeared to be a "third-rate burglary" quickly escalated into a full-blown political scandal, creating one of the
gravest constitutional crises this country has ever seen and climaxing with the downfall of a President.

Class Motto:  There is only one good: that is knowledge; there is only one evil: that is ignorance.
Class Colors:  Orchid and Deep Purple
Class Flower:  Lilacs