Class of 1972

Ward Beals, Jr.
Lorraine Beitzel
Debra Bowman
Patricia Broadwater
Joseph Brown
Vicki Brown
Richard Critchfield
Barbara Durst
Gewaine Durst
David Durst
Victoria Farner
Linda Garlitz
Ruth Garlitz
Charles Gartner
Martin Hilt
Jean Holler
Dale Jeffrey
Paul Keim
Thomas Kemerer
Patricia King
Richard Klink
Thomas Lichliter
Richard Lichty
Michael Lishia
Kenneth Livengood
Titus Mast
Arlen Maust
Bradley McKenzie
Connie Miller
Bonnie Murray
Linda Nicklow
Beverly Otto
Diana Pritts
Geraldine Ringler
Rhett Saylor
Glenn Schrock
Timothy Stewart
Laban Tice
Grant Tressler
James Vena
Gregory Wagner
Martha Webber
Phyllis Yoder

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Historic Events For 1972
"The Godfather" movie.
Polaroid introduces the instant colour camera.
Texas Instruments launches the pocket calculator.
Nolan Bushnell of Atari introduces Pong, the
first major coin-operated electronic video game.
Nike running shoes launched.

Class Motto:  Who so neglects learning in youth, loses the past and is dead for the future.
Class Colors:  Purple and White
Class Flower: White Carnation