Class of 1971

Ellen Beachy
Martha  Beachy
Karen Bender
Pamela Broadwater
Thomas Counihan
Denise Davis
Marilyn Derynoski
Gary Glotfelty
Lois Gnagey
Stanley Housel
Patricia James
Kathryn Kolb
Brenda Lenhart
Charles Lishia
Ann Livengood
Deborah Lutz
Joy McCleary
Sharon Merrill
Debra Miller
Beth Moser
Juanita Most
Susan Nicklow
Louann Otto
Linda Rembold
Barry Ringler
Debra  Saylor
Sharon Shoemaker
Bradley Showalter
James Shumaker
Betty Simpkins
Randy Sines
Leroy Sommers
Donna Swindell
Jacob Tice
Rhonda Tressler
Jane Wahl
Sandra Wright
Delbert Yoder
Robert D. Yoder
Robert W. Yoder

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Historic Events For 1971
The Partridge Family is getting happy.
Philips launches the VCR.
Intel launch the microprocessor.
Bruce Lee receives international acclaim with "Fist of fury".
Greenpeace founded in Canada.

Class Motto:  The key to knowledge is practice.
Class Colors:  Green and White
Class Flower:  White Rosebud


Come on get happy!