Class of 1969


Janet Bender
Carol Bowers
Dana Kristin Brown 
Kathy Brown 
Roger Brown
Betty Deal 
Kenneth Detrick
Bonnie Edgar 
Cathy Edgar Lynn
Donna Galley 
Donna Garlitz 
Mary Garlitz 
Sally Gartner
Brenda Gaumer 
Agnes Jean Gnagey 
Teresa Harris 
Deborah Holler 
Donald Holler
Dennis Hoover
Alcy Housel 
Jack Andrew Kemerer
Rudi B. Kolb
Bryan Lenhart
Noel Livengood
Gladys Lung 
Dorothy Mast 
Carson Maust
Robert McCleary
Mark E. McKenzie
Tom McKenzie
David Meese
Kathi Miller 
Roger Murray
Charles Oester
Donald Oester
Linda Oester 
Blair Otto
James Otto
Linda Riley
Judith Schrock
Dennis Shoemaker
Charles William Short
Barbara Sines 
Carolyn Sperry 
Woodrow Spiker
Ezra Tice
Danny Tressler
Michael Tressler
Tammy Tressler Eastham
Joyce Wagner Knotts
Sally F. Walker
Robert Keith Werner
Robert Winters

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Historic Events for 1969
Neil Armstrong is the first man on the moon.
The "Aquarian Exposition" takes place in Woodstock, New York, (Woodstock Festival).
US Department of Defense starts ARPANET, the forerunner of the Internet.

Class Motto:  Effective knowledge is that which includes knowledge of the limitation
                        of one's knowledge.
Class Colors:  Burgundy and White
Class Flower: White Rosebud

The Apollo 11 crew: Neil Armstrong,
Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin