Class of 1962

Barbara Baer
Gary Beachy
William Beachy
Martha Butler
Roger Chaney
Joseph Cochrane
Paul Critchfield
Connie Diehl
Virgil Engle
Homer Fike
Ronald Folk
Thomas McChesney
Wanda Miller
Clara Mimna
Carol Opel
Darwin Ringler
Sandra Robinson
William Shoemaker
Gretchen Shultz
Dale Shumaker
Robert Solosko
Robert Voytko
Beverly Walker
Robert Werner
Linda Hoke
Sidney R. Holler
Mildred Hershberger
Richard Hollada
Richard Knecht
Mary Ann Lindeman
Bonnie Maust
Fern Maust

Additional Classmates:
Joyce Brown
Carol Beachy
Naomi Maust

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Historic Events For 1962
The Beatles debut with "Love me do".
In "the Cuban crisis," Khrushchev removes Russian nuclear missiles
from Cuba,  but only after Kennedy agrees to remove US missiles from Turkey.