Class of 1961

Edward Bluebaugh
Bonita Bodes
Jeanne Bowman
John Compton
Jerry Deal
Judith Durst
Jon Galley
Marjorie Hetrick
Ira Lichty, Jr.
William Lutz
Mary Annette Marin
Barry Maust
Richard Mort
Sidney Mull cross
Linda Murray
Janet Newman
Chester Otto
Robert Pugh
Walter Pugh
Eleanor Showalter
Cheryl Statler
Bonita Vought
Clyde Delmos Yoder

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Historical Events For 1961
John F. Kennedy becomes the 35th President.

Shepard gained hero status May 5, 1961,
when he made a 15-minute suborbital flight
in the Freedom 7 spacecraft and became the
first American to fly in space.

Class Motto:  Not finished, just beginning
Class Colors:  Purple and White
Class Flower:  White Rose