Class of 1960


Alfred Anderson, III
Esther Louise Miller 
Frieda A. Bittinger
Weldon Sanford Bodes
Paul Daniel Bowman 
Patricia Cook 
Nancy Engle 
Delmos George
John William Haines
Sheldon Haselbarth
Joan Shirley Hutzell 
Nancy Louise Hutzell 
Gay Nadine  Killius
Donald Kretchman
William A Lynn
Paul Gerald Marin
Carol Elain Maust 
Robert Watson Maust 
Timothy McChesney
Mary Kay McClure 
Crandall Kent Miller
Alexander K. Norris
Stephen Pope
David Puffinburg 
James Roberts
William Robertson
Lela Shultz
Thomas Tedrow
Linda Vought 

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Historic Events for 1960
"Ben Hur" is awarded 10 Oscars.
"The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle"
US submarine Triton makes the first round the world undersea voyage.
Two hackers from MIT create the first computer video game, Spacewar.
Largest earthquake recorded in Chili.