Class of 1958


Kenneth Wable
Joyce Mull
Robert Vought
Alta Jean Yoder
Martin Maust
Naomi Shumaker
David Maust
Gloria Otto
Ronal Peck
Byrna Hylander
James Green
Marla Hoke
Althea Hetrick
Lois Stevanus
Grace Hutzell
Marcia Brown
Elaine Tedrow
Emma Caler
Sarah Jane Fisher
Norma Jean Fisher
Denton Maust
Joyce Nicholson
William Wengerd
Bonita Brown
Stanley Miller
Shelva Orner
Duane George
Wanda Critchfield
Larry Bodes
Marcella Zimmerman
Ralph Bowers
Evelyn Brown
Marian Hetrick
Additional Classmates:
Gary Walker
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Historic Events for 1958
NASA founded.  The United States enters the Space Age.
America's first satellite, Explorer I was launched.
Danish toymakers Ole and Godtfred Kirk Christiansenlaunches Lego.
Bill and Mark Richards of California invents the skateboard.
Australian David Warren invents the black box flight recorder.