Class of 1956

Senior class photos for Alice Maust, Isabelle Maust, Ralph Miller and Blaine Minick
are missing from the yearbook.  Perhaps the printer missed a page.  Have included
their photographs from the previous year.

Jane Baer
Clifford Baker
Elizabeth Compton
Joanne Beachy
Janet Christner
James Fisher
John Ferrario
John George
Ronald Grew
Larry Haines
William Harris
John Harding
Blaine Hetrick
Dixie Hutzell
Geraldine James
Donald Kemp
Alice Maust
Isabelle Maust
Ralph Miller
Blaine Minick
Esther Nicholson
Gordon Oester
John Oester
Glenn Otto cross
Larry Otto
Judith Pyle
Hazel Reckner
Betty Shoemaker
Ronald Shumaker
Bernard Simpkins
Lynn Vought
John Wengerd
Richard Yoder
Tom Bodes
Rayetta Brown
Shirley Hetrick

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Historic Events for 1956
By the spring of 1956, rock 'n' roll sensation Elvis Presley
is fast becoming a national phenomenon.
CIA launches the U-2 spy plane.
Swiss Georges de Metral perfects Velcro.
John Bachus and his IBM team invent FORTRAN, the first high-level
programming language.

Class Motto:  Not to the top, but climbing.