Class of 1946

(Photograph donated by Janet Wahl)


Mary Frances Albright Cook
Donna Marie Beal Lishia
Anna Irene Christner Ludy
Ruth Durst Tissue
Donald Engle
Helen Fisher Short
Mary Catherine Fisher Seeker
Ernest Leroy Garlitz
William Frederick Harris
Richard Haselbarth
Jack Douglas Hickson
Juanita Hinebaugh Pritts
William Robert Ickes
Kirk Livengood
Mayard Millercross
Mabelle Pritts Miller
Rosetta Stangarone 

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Additional Classmates:
Hazel Showalter Garlitz

Historic Events For 1946
WWII propaganda strongly urged women into the work force.
Post WWII propaganda urged women back into the home or into "female roles."
Louis Reard introduces the bikini swimsuit in Paris.
Proctor & Gamble launches Tide.

War Time Poster