Class of 1945
(photograph of class needed)



Robert Fay Beal cross
Doris Benson Bentz
Sylina Bittinger Holler
Illene Broadwater Fuller
Edward Davis
Ruth Diehl Ansell
Katie Durst Patton 
Anna Gerhart Nelson
Anna Ruth Harris James
Mary Lichty Holliday
Betty Maust Glotfelty
Mary Ruth Maust Miller
Max H. Miller
Gladys Moser 
Evelyn Opel Shaw
Dorothy Reckner Stanley
Jacqueline Schramm Harris
Eleanor Murray Vought

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Historic Events For 1945
Aug 6, 1945 - First atomic bomb dropped, on Hiroshima, Japan.
Aug 9, 1945 - Second atomic bomb dropped, on Nagasaki, Japan.
Moments after the atomic bomb was dropped by a U.S. B-29
Superfortress, a cloud forms over the Japanese
city of Nagasaki rising over 60,000 feet.
The Japanese surrender ending the war.