Class of 1940

class 1940


Michael Behon
Virginia Bluebaugh Maust
Dorothy Bowers
Carolyn Bowman Vought
Rozella Chipukitis Smith
Marvin Cochrane
Mary Compton Lundstrum cross
Donald Deist
Jack Durst
Wayne Engle
Leona Folk Reiber
Margaret Gnagey Calaway
Eileen Holler Roberts
Jane Holler Cochrane
William Holler
Eugene Lepley
Paul J. Lichty
David Lowry cross
Marion Miller Glime
Mildred Rhodes
Thomas Richey
Robert Riley
John R. Showalter
Nyle Sipple
Leora Swauger Gartner
Robert Weise
Helen Wright Baldwin

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Historic Events For 1940
M&M sweets are launched in military ration packs.
CBS makes the world's first TV broadcast incolour.
Bugs Bunny debuts in "A wild hare."