Class of 1939

Front row:  Laura Bittinger, Mabel Murray, Betty Brosnan, Mary Davis, Dorothy Bittner, Elmira Bodes, Doris Hillegas
Second row:  Dorothy Lohr, Elnora Miller, Miriam Hetrick, Maxine Rodamer, Mary Walker, Betty Rumisor, Lois Lee, Kate Witt
Third row:  Madeline Durst, Ferne King, Mary Louise Miller, Betty Harding, Mary Belle Newman, Phyllis Livengood, Betty Beachy, Ardith Miller
Fourth row:  Eugene Hemming, Dan Garlitz, Compton McKarahan, Elijah Engle, Don James, Morley Durst, Ross Opel
Fifth row:  Byard Bender, David Weise, Norman Gnagey, Bob Harris, Dick Weaver, Bob Smith, Don Herring, George Winters, John Zimmerman

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Elmira Bodes Aiello
Lois Lee Arvin
Byard Bender
Mabel Murray Bowman
Betty Brosnan Mack
Laura Bittinger Brown
Mary Belle Newman Chaconas cross
Betty Rumiser Cowan
Jean Holler Darr
Betty Beachy Deal
Morley Durst
Elijah Engle
Fern King Folk
Daniel Garlitz
Miriam Hetrick Garlitz
Norman Gnagey
Robert Harris
Eugene Heming
Donald Herring
Donald James
Maxine Roadamer Kolb
Mary Louise Miller Kolpak
Phyllis Livengood Ryan
Compton McKerehan 
Elnora Miller
Mabel Murray Bowman
Ross Opel
Mary Davis Otto
Madeline Durst Reckner
Mary Walker Schrock
Dorothy Bittner Smith
Robert Smith
Dorothy Lohr Stair
Martin Tressler
Betty Harding Wahl
Richard Weaver
David Weise
Doris Hillegas Will
George Winters
Catherine Witt
Clyde Wright
John Zimmerman
 Ardith Miller Murray cross

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Historic Events For 1939
Outbreak of World War II
(I can only imagine the fear that this class must have had.)
Background image depicts the Battle of Britain


Front row:  Dorothy Lohr Stair, Elnora Miller  Ardith Miller Murray, Mary Davis Otto, Laura Bittinger Brown, Betty Beachy Deal, Madeline Durst Reckner 
Middle row:  Lois Lee Arvin, Doris Hillegas Will, Mary Walker Schrock, Dorothy Bittner Smith, Mabel Jane Murray Bowman, Daniel Garlitz 
Back row:  George Winters, Norman Gnagey, Martin Tressler, David Weise, John Zimmerman, Elijah Engle


(photographs donated by Laura Bittinger Brown)