Class of 1938

Philip Bash
Bernice Bender Bartholomew
Mary Blocher Wilhelm Harris
Alverta Bowers
Ralph Browncross
John Chipukitis
Marcene Darrah Davis
Leroy Deal
James B. Durst
Edith Green Markwell
Samuel Haning
Ruth Horchler Haning
Betty Hillegas cross
Freda House Walker 
Roseta Knecht Bittinger
Merle Kolb
Vida Kretchman Bender
Eugene LaRue
Jane Leckemby Schramm

Virginia Lepley Shoff
Sarah Jane Lichty
Williard Livengood
Margaret Lohr Meyers
Bernard May
John E. Miller
Marcella Murray
Warren C. Oester
Mary Elizabeth Reitz
Glenn Rhodes
Ethel Ross Kimble
Esther Showalter Bittner
Paul Sipple
Florence Swauger Kern
Samuel E. Vought
R. Leo Weimer
 Pearl Wilt Garlitz Hollada   Obituary
Paul Sipple

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Additional classmates:
Catherine Alexander
Mabel Beals
Elilne Bittinger
Margaret Folk
Clark Horchler
Margaret Linergar
George Pearson
Dorthy Rheumiser
John Ritus
Mary Ruty
Jane Shunk
Charles Weimer

Historic Events For 1938
Woody Guthrie American folk singer releases "Dust Bowl Refugees"
Woody wrote over 1,000 songs, chiefly on social and political
themes, and strongly influenced younger performers like Bob Dylan.

Swiss company Nestle introduces its instant coffee.
Superman debuts in Action Comics.
Chester Carlson invents the copying process, "xerography."

Class of 1938 50th Reunion

Front row:  Bernice Bender Bartholomew, Sara Jane Lichty, Ruth Horchler Haning, Ruby Newman, Freda House Walker, Florence Swauger Kern
Middle row:  Mabel Beal Robertson, Vida Kretchman Bender, Margaret Folk Lynn, Warren Oester, John E. Miller, Marcene Darrah Davis, Virginia Lepley Schoff
Back row:  Willard Livengood, John Chipukites, Ethel Ross, Ralph Brown, Grace Oester, Eileen Bittinger Mort