Class of 1893

This picture consists of several classes I have placed it with the class of 1893 because there contained at least
one class member in the photograph.  The names on the back of the photograph were difficult to read - please allow
for some variations.  Photograph donated by Jackie Brezney descendant of:
  Christian Wagner of Silas, Baltzer and William and Bessie Beatrice Wahl of Perry, Casper and Christopher
Class of 1890

Top Row:  Alice Hay, Annie Lichty, Allie Smith, Lidy Shaw, Laura Smith, Mary Lichty
Second Row:  ? Meyers, Ed Livengood, Clew or Clem Stotlen, Zude Lichty, Harve Lichty, Jenny Haselbarth, Anna Mckenley
Third Row:  Nina Breig, Edith Lichliter, Della Boyer, Eva Reese, Olly Livengood, Benny Wagner
Forth Row:  Clara Wagner, John Lichliter, Laura Johns, Cora Livengood, Ora Hay, Janet McKinley, Icy Smith, George Hay A. Oberlin - Teacher

Berta Baumgartner Mochler Mrs. Isoline (?) Beal
Della Boyer Dickey Mrs. H. F. Fogel
George C. Hay Olive Livengood Berkley
Annie Smith Meyers

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World's Columbian Exposition -- World's Fair
The Klondike/Alaska Gold Rush begins.
Grover Cleveland 24th President 1893-1897
1893 spelled the end of an era of silver by the repeal of the "Sherman Silver Act".