Children of Gertrude Lillian Showalter & Clarence Eugene Walker


The Walker children at their mothers funeral. 
Back left to right: Lewis Greenbrier, Robert and Woodrow Wilson 
Front left to right:  Isabelle, Clarence (father) Gertrude Lillian and Marge

Clarence Walker and possibly his father

Lewis Greenbriar Walker 
Born 1914 
Died 1995 
Married Olga Thresa Brioli (1913-2002)
Son of Gertrude Showalter 
Son of Clarence Eugene Walker
Isabelle Marie Walker 
Born 14 May 1916
Died  8 Jul 1992
(Wicomica, VA)
Married to Webster McAchren 
Daughter of Gertrude Showalter & Clarence Eugene Walker

Walker Children
Gertrude's children at a reunion on July 4, 1969
Front from left to right: Isabel, Marge, Gay. Back row from left to right: Robert, Lewis.
Absent:   Woodrow 


Woodrow Walker and his wife May


Front - left to right: Chad Eugene walker, Lewis Greenbriar Walker, Cass Emanuel Walker
Back - left to right: Kyle Lewis Walker, Clarence Eugene Walker 


Gene Walker

C. Eugene Walker 
Son of Lewis Greenbriar Walker
Grandson of Gertrude Lillian Showalter & Clarence Eugene Walker
Professor of psychology at the University of Oklahoma

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