Showalter Children

Garnetta Showalter---Ruby Fate---Isabelle Walker

Jackie Purbaugh
Age six months
Jackie Purbaugh
Age six months
Lewis Greenbriar Walker

Garnetta Mae Showalter 
Born May 23, 1915 
Died August 21, 1976 
Never Married 
Daughter of William F. Showalter
Ruby Henrietta Fate
Married Lewis Gomer 
Graduated in 1935 
Three children: 
Robert, Lewis Jr and Janice
Isabelle Marie Walker 
Born 14 May 1916
Died  8 Jul 1992
(Wicomica, VA)
Married to Webster McAchren 
Daughter of Gertrude Showalter 
Daughter of Clarence Eugene Walker
Jackie Purbaugh 
Son of Ada Ann Showalter 
Son of Roy Pourbaugh 
Additional information needed
Lewis Greenbriar Walker 
Born 1914 
Died 1995 
Married Lois Strong 
Son of Gertrude Showalter 
Son of Clarence Eugene Walker